Exsulin … The Prospects of a Solution

Exsulin has stimulated regeneration of pancreatic islet tissue
and renewed insulin production in humans and other species

20 years of research underlying this technology – now widely embraced

40 peer-reviewed papers from 30 researchers at 15 institutions worldwide

Strong therapeutic IP platform

Positive clinical results in both animal and patient studies

Over $25M spent to date has achieved promising Phase 2 data in 200 patients

Next Phase 2 Human Trial Begins Q309 at distinguished institutions

Advised by leading authorities in diabetes and biostatistics

Results are expected to attract major media attention: restored natural insulin secretion will improve glucose control, decrease deadly complications, and improve quality of life

Could “Turn Back the Clock” toward wellness on metabolic disease for many T1 and T2 patients

Initial focus on T1DM has faster, less expensive regulatory path to FDA Fast Track and far less competition than T2DM drugs

Target population includes 1.2 million people with T1DM in N. America and similar size in Europe - $1B Market Opportunity.

People with T1DM have no options except insulin therapy and are highly incented to reduce insulin dependence.

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